25 July 2019 Carlo Timmerman

Efforts to keep the ‘other’,
the different, the strange and the foreign at a distance,
the decision to preclude the need for communication,
mutual commitment,
is not the only conceivable,
but the expectable response to the existential uncertainty rooted in the new fragility
or fluidity
of social bonds.
That decision,
to be sure,
fits well with our contemporary
obsessive concern with
pollution and purification
with our tendency to identify
to personal safety with the invasion of
‘foreign bodies’
and to identify safety unthreatened
and secure with purity.
The acutely apprehensive attention to the substances entering the body through mouth or nostrils,
and to the foreigners leaking surreptitiously into the neighbourhood of the body,
is accommodated side by side in the same cognitive frame.
Both prompt a similar wish to
‘get it (them) out of my (our) system’. from LIQUID MODERNITY Zygmunt Bauman

THE FOUNTAIN is a choreographic installation as part of a social sculpture series. The concept of social sculpture, introduced by Joseph Beuys stated that art has the potential to transform social structures through human activity.

THE FOUNTAIN has been a nomadic and collaborative project and has taken the public space, working with local groups in a performance installation. It aims to reorient the body towards radical spaces, collective formations, trigrams, crystals symmetry, structures of support, sensuality, saliva and sweat build a powerful bodily narrative with the construction of environments and its affects and responses.

Intrigued by the symbology of water and the attention to its importance, mysteries, fluidity, the property to dissolve and to connect, to emotions and to the bodies’ energies, the work takes form as a ritualistic journey into human conditions and the beauty of overcoming borders.

THE FOUNTAIN is a critic allegory realness that mixes questions on public. Dripping narrative about the ‘plastic on water’ chain of problematic, the shortage of resources, waste and the conservative politics based on consuming that leads to our environmental problems that wash with mud cities away and threatening communities within their living place.

Choreography: Fernando Belfiore
Perrformance: Maciej Sado, Rita Vilhena, Rose Akras , Mavi Veloso, Rozemarijn de Neve, Johhan Rosenberg and Fernando Belfiore
Light: Wijnand van der Horst with Katinka Marac
Sound: Isadora Tomasi
Set: Nikola Knežević
Dramaturgical Advice: Renée Copraij and Cecile Brommer
Production: DANSCO / Marieke van Bueren
Co-production and Residencies: O Espaço do Tempo, Dansmakers Amsterdam, RedPlexus Marseille and HOBRA (Panorama/FPK).
THE FOUNTAIN is supported by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Stimuleringsregeling Eigentijdse Dans and Stichting Imperium. With thanks to FLAM.

Many thanks to nights talks and collaborators of The Fountain: Dani Lima, Valentina Parlato, Pia Kramer, Matej Kejžar, Vincent Riebeek, Harun Morrison, Clara Saito, Milena Weber, Suzy Blok, Nicolas Roses, Michele Rizzo and Florentina Holzinger and Many thanks to all ever participants, collaborators, water spitters, bath takers, rainbow colors kissers, washing fighters, fluid souls of the Fountain during researches, workshops, public space version and residencies. And to master of Spitting, Wyllys and Leacking, GreenWald.

More info, references and photos can be found here.

10 August
15:00 – 16:00
21:00 – 22:00


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